Phineas and (f)HERB • First of all, GREAT show, Second of all, there are some G…

Phineas and (f)HERB

First of all, GREAT show,
Second of all, there are some GREAT herbs in this dish. First my favorite, basil. I recently bought a basil plant from @traderjoes which I highly recommend since they are so affordable so ofc I used a whole lot of basil leaves in this recipe. I also bought a rosemary plant (which as you know is my newfound obsession) so I used a whole lot of that in this Italian dish as well. And because no Italian dish is complete without garlic, I added some roasted garlic cloves to the “Italian portion” of the dish as well. FYI the Italian portion of the dish is the tomato and quinua part. The other component of this meal was some nutritional yeast and garlic roasted asparagus and my leftover rosemary potato salad (which has a whole post dedicated to it) so I will just be sharing the recipes for the quinua and tomato combo (don’t know what else to call it lol) and the asparagus. Anyways scroll down to see the recipes!

The “Italian part”
-grape tomatoes
-garlic cloves
-canned tomatoes
-nutritional yeast
-olive oil
-yellow onion

-add olive oil to a pan with the grape tomatoes and onion
-after cooking the above for a few minutes add in the roasted tomatoes, pre cooked quinua, and finely chopped rosemary and basil
-at the same time drizzle 2 tbsp olive oil and some sea salt to the kale and garlic cloves and throw tomatoes them into the airfryer or into the oven to roast until the kale is crisp and the cloves are browned
-once the contents in the oven / airfryer are done add them to the pan / pot mixture and serve right after combined
-add salt and red pepper flakes to taste

-coat with olive oil, sea salt, crushed garlic pieces, black pepper, and nutritional yeast
-roast in the oven or airfryer until crispy
-serve and enjoy!

• inspired by @_beautybites